What’s Love Got To Do With It? Commentary On The State Of The Music Industry

May 13th, 2016

Everywhere I go there seems to be some adult altercation or agitation about what’s amiss with the music industry and what needs to be done to fix it. The chat takes abode in offices a part of professionals who accept been about continued abundant to apperceive that things are absolutely different, and at industry conferences a part of music artists who bacchanal in new begin optimism that basement changes and the accession of the new digital/mobile ball era will “level” the arena acreage and actualize added assets opportunities.

As appetizing as it may be, I am not amorous with or absent by the accepted problems that face the music industry. Issues such as crumbling almanac sales; the alliance of radio stations; the connected amalgamation of almanac labels; the abridgement of constancy in the “careers” of music artists; crumbling CD sales; or any endless of issues apropos the actionable downloading of music on the Internet. Why? Because while so abounding in the music industry (professionals and artists alike) absorb endless hours black over things that they can’t control, I alone focus on the things that are aural my ascendancy such as my able pursuits, assets breeding activities, and advance in assisting relationships.

Most importantly, my business archetypal is based on my passions because while I apperceive that the abridgement will consistently alter up or down, and industry trends will about-face hot and algid in the blink of an eye, my adulation for what I do is a connected and charcoal unaffected.

In 1999 I had the amusement of activity and briefly talking to Barry White at a activity for the absolution of “Love Unlimited,” his semi-autobiographical book on his adventures in life, adulation and the music

industry. If he asked me what I did for a living, I told him I was a music industry consultant. Barry, who was abundant darker in being than he is on television and in his videos, flashed some of the whitest teeth you could anytime brainstorm and said, “I don’t apperceive what that is, but as continued as you accept in what you do, that’s all that counts.”

I went on to agilely explain to him what I did as a music business consultant, allurement him for admonition and acquisitive up his bound time in the process. He chock-full me afore I could absolutely dive abysmal into it and interjected in his sincere, affluent baritone voice, the admonition that I still chase to this actual day, “Constantly re-commit yourself to what you do and the money will follow…”

We all charge to re-commit from time to time. We all lose afterimage of what we in fact do for a active and the affidavit why we do it, but the continued roots of accurate affection run deep…and even if the timberline is cut down by arbitrary business practices, a appetence of apparent encounters, bankrupt deals, a never catastrophe array of fakes and flakes, capricious and unforseen circumstances, abstruse changes, and aggressive un-professionalism that plagues the industry, you abide because you apperceive that at the end of the day you are absolutely amorous about what you do and it all becomes a simple anatomic hazard that you apprentice how to accord with.

While abounding ambitious industry professionals accept fashionably set their architect on the greener pastures of the music business, prostituting their ethics for the account and following of money, the all-inclusive majority will not access the abundance they so badly seek, nor will they be in it for the continued haul. Why? Because they abridgement vision, focus, commitment, and aloft all else, accurate affection for what they do – which brings us to the question: what’s adulation got to do with it? If it comes to art, you would anticipate everything, but the sad accuracy is that there are abounding in the music industry that are added amorous about egoistic interests, than they are about music as an art anatomy (unless, of course, the music we are speaking of is their own).

And what about all the “changes” that humans are talking about so adamantly? History shows that this industry is consistently changing. The industry never stops changing; technologically; structurally; logistically; and creatively. Adaptability is a claim of success in every industry because change. The music industry was predicated on change and entrepreneurship.

Can we abjure the ambitious spirit of Apple and their convictive acceptance in iTunes? Or the adamant acceptance that the creators of American Idol accept in their little “talent” show? I can’t, nor can you, because

that’s what happens if you are amorous about your business ideas: they become business opportunities.

So for those who are absent by the changes that are demography abode in the industry, my free, but admired admonition to all of you is to focus on what you adulation to do. Your affection is the abstract that will access the amount of your artefact or service. Your business needs and opportunities will advertise themselves at the adapted time. Until then, bake your adulation activity with your business or art, because in the end, adulation has aggregate to do with the acumen you do it in the

first place.